Real Wines - Who we are
Real Wines,   Im Junker 8,   8143 Stallikon,   Tel. +41 43 466 08 90     Fax. +41 43 466 08 89

Life's to short... ...for ordinary wine

Real Wines is run by Paul Liversedge, Switzerland’s second Master of Wine and one of only 300 in the world. Paul is British but has lived and worked in Switzerland since 2005. He originally trained as an accountant but his passion for wine and travel soon overcame his interest in balance sheets, and in 1993 he started working in the wine trade. In the 20 years since, he has worked as a wine buyer for Thresher’s in the UK, General Manager for Watson’s Wine Cellars in Hong Kong, and Fine Wine manager for Badaracco in Switzerland.

He set up Real Wines in the Summer of 2009 with a very simple goal: to sell only wines which give great pleasure and enjoyment to his customers, in a friendly, relaxed but efficient style, and at prices which are very fair for the quality in the bottle.
Paul now writes regularly about wine in the Swiss press, is a member of Swiss International Airlines’ wine tasting panel, and enjoys running a variety of wine tastings, seminars and education classes for customers and students. Please contact him directly for further information about his tastings and services.