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Life's to short... ...for ordinary wine

Welcome to Real Wines!
We sell only wines which are of excellent quality at their price, which taste of where they come from and which we would (and do!) happily drink ourselves.
What makes us special?
  • our wonderful range of wines from the New World, in particular Australia and New Zealand.
  • our diverse and adventurous range of wines from all over France.
  • our passion for biodynamic wines and wines made from very old vines: wines with the true taste of their terroir.
  • our fine wine range, services and expertise.
  • our desire to be different. Where else in Switzerland can you find sparkling wines from England, reds from the Lebanon, 100 year old Madeiras and Australian Shiraz from 150 year old vines?!

All our wines are personally selected by Paul Liversedge, a Master of Wine with 20 years of experience in premium wine retailing.

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Don’t miss our delicious range of Portuguese wines, Ports and Madeiras

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